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The College of Ophthalmology of Eastern Central and Southern Africa (COECSA) -Curriculum

COECSA Background

The College of Ophthalmology of Eastern Central and Southern Africa (COECSA) is a specialized virtual College founded in 2012 after a successful voluntary merger between the Eastern Africa College of Ophthalmologists (EACO) and Ophthalmological Society of Eastern Africa (OSEA).

The College seeks to work in tandem with regional and global initiatives and to support international commitments including Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), WHO Vision2020: the Right to Sight; WHO AFRO Road Map for scaling up HRH; 4th EAC Development Strategy; national eye care plans in the region, and national development plans, towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

COECSA plays a critical role in the sector because of its mandate and available expertise in eye care at different levels. Its work augments what other partners are doing and provides a basis for further intervention in other areas that COECSA is not involved in.  COECSA’s products such as research, curricula, standards, quality assessments, and policy reviews provide the basis to further programmatic intervention. COECSA, therefore, places premium on partnership and collaboration because it is the synergy that is brought by working with others that produces sustainable results. This is the reason why COECSA sees itself as a catalyst for action by many actors.

COECSA’s mandate is to:

Support  development of human  resource for  health  through quality  training  in ophthalmology; set standards  for professional  ophthalmic  practice; facilitate  continuing professional  development; contribute to  health policy development; advocate for relevant policy changes in the region; promote  research which advances ophthalmology in the region; and, create a forum for the ophthalmic practitioners to promote the profession and exchange skills and knowledge

Its Mission is:

To improve the number and quality of eye care workers in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa through training, leadership and promoting standards of practice, research and advocacy.

The Vision is:

Eye health for all in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa.

The Goal of COECSA is:

Skilled and motivated eye health work force for quality eye care in Eastern Central & Southern Africa region. For a PDF Copy of the Manual please contact us on